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TxtCart 3.0 Initial Launch

4/29/24 -
The long awaited 3.0 TxtCart has arrived. A total rebrand/reskin of our site and dashboard as well as many new enhancements, bug fixes and features. We are actively working to build out all of the new features that you may see listed as coming soon!
  • New Home page
  • Ability to filter data (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month, this year, last year and all time)
  • Tutorials
  • Dark mode
  • Improved onboarding
  • Affiliate Program
  • Updates to cart recovery product
  • Updates to campaigns product
  • New Campaign Planner
  • New Analytics
  • Updates to Insights
  • New Subscriber Analytics
  • New Trust Hub
  • New Integrations/Partner Apps
  • Bug fixes/enhancements
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1/4/24 -
We have pushed a minor update to the existing responses to our AI texts to your customers. This further refines the messaging and should result in better conversations and allow for the live agents on standby to better assist when intent confidence is not high enough for the AI to handle. Further updates and a larger GenAI overhaul to conversations will come later this year.
12/20/23 -
We are excited to bring you an easy way to get paid for referrals. You can now sign up as an affiliate through the Shoffi Platform and begin referring TxtCart to your friends, family, and network at large. If someone you know owns a Shopify / Shopify Plus store and can benefit from having SMS Marketing and cart Recovery, simply share the link, once they sign up for a paid plan, you earn 20% of their plan value for the first 12 months!
11/25/23 -
UK & Australia texting is now live for all TxtCart customers. We now offer a secure and easy way to text abandoned checkouts and subscribers who reside both in the UK and AUS with valid phone numbers.
To enable international texting you must go to your TxtCart "Settings" page in your dashboard and then proceed to the "Messages" page within settings. From there you may enable (and purchase) a unique UK and AUS number for your brand. UK numbers are $1.15/mo and AUS numbers are $6.15/mo respectively.
image (11)
As for international texting rates, we charge an 8x multiple on top of the base US/CAD SMS and MMS rates. This is down from many who carry a 10X multiple. International rates are as follows:
  • US/Canada SMS: $.02
  • UK/AU SMS: $.16
  • US/Canada MMS: $.06
  • Australia MMS: $.48
Any questions, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Team.
10/30/23 -
This a smaller update that you won't notice as much as it likely doesn't apply to your store, however, we are continuing to update/improve our monitoring and filtering systems as it relates to banning SHAFT content and preventing stores that sell SHAFT content from installation. With this comes modifications to words that are false positives when a store is in fact not selling SHAFT content but has been blocked from our services. For safety and regulatory reasons, we cannot disclose the exact changes or filtering we use but know that this is a continuing process required for SMS marketing and by carriers. If you feel you are wrongly blocked for SHAFT content, please reach out to us for a manual review. Not sure what SHAFT content is, take a look at our HELP DOC.
10/30/23 -
TxtCart now gives Enterprise Level accounts the unique ability to fully customize the templated responses generated by our AI / live agents within the abandoned checkout flow. Everything from the initial outreach, to how we answer regarding your shipping to discount codes is fully customizable to fit your unique needs and business profile. This feature is exclusively available to all Enterprise accounts with TxtCart. Not on Enterprise and thinking about switching? Please reach out to our team via live chat for eligibility and pricing terms.
9/21/23 -
TxtCart now gives merchants who wish to set up follow-up cart recovery texts the options. By default, the first follow-up message is enabled and kicks off 24 hours post initial text. The second follow-up message must be manually enabled within your settings page. This will kick off 48 hours post follow-up text 1. Both follow-up texts can be toggled on/off at any time.
Sample follow-up 1: Hey <USER>, we noticed you didn't finish your order yesterday, would you like to proceed with it? We have limited stock available.
Sample follow-up 2: Hey, It's <PERSONA> from <STORE NAME> again. We noticed you still haven't finished your order, is something wrong? Here is a <CODE VALUE>% off code: <DISCOUNT>
Screenshot 2023-09-21 095201
9/20/23 -
TxtCart now gives merchants that sell digital products the ability to set this up during onboarding and within their Shipping settings. This will allow the AI and live agents to properly handle any questions regarding your digital products as it relate to shipping and delivery.
digital product
9/18/23 -
TxtCart now gives merchants a direct eye into the roadmap, and upcoming features, and allows for feature requests, voting, and change log notifications. All powered by Canny through the TxtCart dashboard. This new feature aims to give more transparency into what we are building at TxtCart for you, when things are planned to launch, and what's currently in development. Have an idea or request for a feature? Please share it with our team here. 195836791d560854806542ede782a6a44d28fac2-1600x900
8/14/23 -
Due to ongoing carrier regulations and changes, we have updated our product to comply with the latest TCPA, GDPR, and TCIA compliance. Alongside this comes the strategic change to default use toward TFN (Toll-Free Numbers) with the option to upgrade to a local 10-DLC number for more throughput.